Circular Routes

The walking routes displayed here are Circular Routes. Unlike Linear walks, or "Slow Ways", Circular Walks finish back where they started...but because the walks are circular, you can of course start them from anywhere along the route.

We try hard to make sure that all our walking routes keep you away from traffic as much as possible and take you through all the most beautiful and interesting places around Henley-on-Thames.

Circular Routes that pass through: Bix


Rotherfield Greys & Greys Court

Pretty walk through beautiful Chiltern Countryside. Park at Bix Common. Possibilty to have lunch at the Maltsters at Rotherfield Greys, and possibility to visit Greys Court. In the bluebell season you can see them in the woods at Greys Court.

10.6km (6.6 miles)
2.2 hours
Famous Copse
St. James Church
Greys Court
Maltsters Arms
Pindars Wood
Rotherfield Greys
St. Nicholas Church

Nettlebed Figure of 8

Both sides of Nettlebed, taking in the best of the views around the pretty village of Nettlebed. 5.1 or 4.3 miles or do both with a break in Nettlebed in the middle. Refreshments at the White Hart in Nettlebed.

15.3km (9.5 miles)
3.2 hours
St. James Church Ruins
Warburg Nature Reserve
White Hart

Henley to Goring (Scenic Route)

Perhaps not the shortest route between Henley and Goring but certainly the most interesting with many unique sights along the way.This route takes you through the beautiful villages of Stoke Row, home of Maharajah's Well, and Checkendon, home of the famous Nuba Survival scuplture. There are several quality pubs along the way including the Rising Sun at Highmoor, the Cherry Tree in Stoke Row and the Highwayman Inn in Checkendon so you will never be far from refreshments on this all-day adventure.

24km (14.9 miles)
5.0 hours
Nettlebed Estate
Nettlebed Estate Statue
Highwayman Inn
Nuba Survival Sculpture
Sculpture Garden
Hartslock Nature Reserve
Rising Sun
Cherry Tree
Maharajah's Well
St. John the Evangelist Church
Village Store