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All our routes have been curated by local enthusiasts to highlight the beauty of the area. The majority of our routes begin, end or include Henley-on-Thames. Situated at the Southern tip of Oxfordshire and the edge of the Chiltern Hills, Henley-on-Thames is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and an extensive network of Footpaths and Bridleways.

Circular Routes

We have a wonderful collection of Circular Routes (beginning and ending at the same location) curated by local ramblers and explorers to take you through our many beauty spots.

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Slow Ways (Linear Walks)

We have an extensive collection of Slow Ways (A to B walks beginning in one location and ending in another) especially selected as the safest and most scenic routes between the two local locations. The majority of our Linear Walks begin in Henley on Thames and end in locations with good public transport links back to Henley.

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