Slow Ways

The walking routes displayed here are Linear Walks, known as "Slow Ways". Unlike Circular walks, Linear Walks begin in one location, and end in another.

We try hard to make sure that all our walking routes keep you away from traffic as much as possible and are as direct as possible without missing any sights along the way.

Slow Ways from: Marlow


Marlow to Henley via Remenham and Hurley

The shortest, gentlist and most attractive route from Henley to Marlow. Primarily following the Thames Path from Remenham, the route crosses the river at Hurley Lock and Temple Lock before heading straight into Marlow through Higginson Park.

12.5km (7.8 miles)
2.6 hours
HighlightsFlower Pot
Hurley Lock
Hurley Riverside Park
Culham Chapel Deer Park