Henley to Wargrave via Aston & Culham Court

Start: Henley
Finish: Wargrave

Approximately 2 miles longer than more direct routes in order to walk through the beautiful Culham Court Deer Park, past the Culham Court Chapel and through Crazies Hill where The Horns pub awaits after 9km.

NOTE: After about 5.5km, the trail meets the A4130 opposite Culham Lane. Walkers my wish to cross the road at this point where traffic is much slower and walk straight down Culham Lane, picking up the footpath after 600m. Following the footpath East down the A4130 will mean crossing at a point where cars are much faster.

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  • Culham Chapel Deer Park
  • Cockpole Green
  • Crazies Hill
  • The Horns Pub
  • Town Centre
  • St Mary's Church
  • Wargrave Station